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I can't believe no one has made this coffee cake yet on zaar. This is the best Blueberry coffee cake in exsistance. I'm convinced. I will say, that when I was making the batter, it was super thick and I was worried it was a bad recipe because usually coffee cake, cupcakes, cake batter... is pretty runny and I was having a hard time just spreading it in the pan it was so thick, once it started cooking though, I realized this is the best coffee cake EVER! (I used all-purpose flour) I brought it to work and my boss sat down in front of me and ate 3 pieces and then while talkig all business like proceeded to gather the crumbs together and dumped them from his plate into his mouth while muttering, this is wonderful, wonderful! It was everything I could do not to laugh! EVERYONE needs to make this at least once! Thanks for posting!

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Sarah in New York January 29, 2009
Blueberry Streusel Coffee Cake