Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 0 mins

One of my girlfriends served this at our monthly lunch get-together. From Southern Living. I have to double the recipe because it disappears so fast.


  1. Add all the ingredients to the container of a blender.
  2. Process until smooth.
  3. Place or hold a wire-mesh strainer over a pitcher.
  4. Pour mixture through the strainer into the pitcher; discard pulp.
  5. Serve mixture over ice.


Most Helpful

I read through the reviews first, noting the one that said that this was a wee too bland. So, I made this, but instead of using 2 cups of water, I used 2 cups of strongly brewed Earl Grey tea. Now...THAT is what I'm talking about! The floral-like nature of the Earl Grey compliments the fruity-tasting tea but if you like a more crisp or brisk tea, you could use any black tea base. Try it with the tea vs. water; it might change some of your minds about this drink.

The_Swedish_Chef July 29, 2008

A bit difficult to strain, but it tastes soooooooo good, i made this when i was thursty and it took all my will power to make it laste 45 mins lol! to the reviewers giving bad reviews your probobly not using good quality blue berries, or your just crasy

alexhunt321 May 30, 2012

I read all the reviews before trying this myself. It might be the wrong season for this but I had some fresh blueberries we got from my grandmother and had kept frozen, and I was anxious to try my new Christmas present, the Ninja Master Prep. It is really good! I had no way to strain the pulp, but that was fine. I might get a wire strainer and try it that way but it isn't really necessary. If you find it a little bland try adding a little more lemon juice. I did use bottle lemon juice too btw. I am enjoying it right now. Instead of water, I might try it by adding ice in the Ninja Master Prep machine the next time. Thanks for sharing this ratherbeswimmin.

danie0677 December 26, 2010

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