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The flavor of this bread was excellent. However, using the loaf pan that I have always used for single loaves of quick bread, I had a problem. I could see that there was too much batter for the pan, and reserved a bit for a few ramekins. However, I still must have overfilled my loaf pan, and the batter ran all over the oven and created a burning, stinking mess. Since I was baking this at 3am, my hubby awoke to fears of the house being on fire and started his day in a foul mood...although that is another matter, entirely. LOL I also had trouble with the blueberries and cranberries sinking to the bottom of the loaf instead of disbursing through evenly. With all of this said, I have to repeat that the flavor of this bread was excellent. It is sweet, but the tart berries are a very refreshing burst of flavor. I recommend 2 loaf pans for baking, though.***edited to add***the recipe was changed to reflect the need for 2 loaf pans after I first submitted the review.

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Ms B. December 27, 2005
Blueberry Cranberry Bread