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Wow! This chutney was wonderful....not too sweet and had a nice balance with the spices! I used regular sugar and about 1-1/2 tsp fresh ginger. The reason I chose this recipe was two fold. 1) I have frozen blueberries that needed to be use up fast before the new season started 2) We have friends that are blueberry and cranberry growers and I knew that they would enjoy this chutney. I served this over a warm brie cheese for an appitizer. This recipe gave me 9 little half pint jars which I canned (I don't have enough freezer space). Note: I found that using my canner, these jars got "lost" on the canning rack, so I washed small white rocks (the ones you get at a nursery), placed them in an old stock pot, filled the pot half way up the jars and processed for 10 minutes. The jars stayed in place and worked like a charm. I give these jars out as gifts. I would highly recommend this recipe. Thanks for the contribution!

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Abby Girl May 03, 2008
Blueberry Chutney