Blueberry Cheesecake Baked Oatmeal

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Total Time
5 mins
40 mins

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  1. Spray an 11x17" baking pan with non-stick spray.
  2. Combine all ingredients.
  3. Bake in prepared pan at 350 F for 30-40 minutes. Serve warm or cold.
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I thought this was fabulous; I'm a big fan of oatmeal! I used regular eggs instead of egg substitute, but followed the recipe otherwise. Mine was as done as I like baked oatmeal to be in 25 minutes. Next time, I intend to double the blueberries.

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I loved the sound of this one but unfortunately the taste didn't dazzle me, it seemed a bit gluggy. I used a powdered egg subsitute so not sure whether it should have been a liquid one from the recipe, maybe that may have been my problem. Thanks for posting though, always good to try something new.