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I was a little leery at first because the batter was a little tough to work with. It just did not want to spread. I finally sprayed a spatula with cooking spray and used that to smooth out the batter. I was also nervous about the amoung of nut mixture. Needless to say, there was nothing to worry about. The batter baked up fine and the amount of filling was perfect. I didn't find the cinnamon too overpowering and I used the full tablespoon. Loved it. The best part of this whole cake is that the crust reminds me of how muffin tops taste (you know the top of the muffin is the best part!) Julie, I absolutely love it!

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Kim127 March 05, 2008

I will never make blueberry muffins again. This is a new favorite. Served it while still warm, and it was to die for. I used pecans instead of walnuts, because that was what we had on hand. It turned out wonderful, thanks for the great recipe Julie B!

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TheGrumpyChef February 02, 2008

this was easy and wonderful, my requirement for a good recipe. i like the fact that it uses a muffin mix, but the end results don't reflect this. i used pecans instead of the walnuts and low fat sour cream and egg substitute and there was no loss in the delish factor of this cake. thank you for posting this really great recipe.

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mandabears January 17, 2008

I used 1-- 15 oz. box of Duncan Hines blueberry muffin mix and two of the smaller packets of Betty Crocker blueberry muffin mix. So, I only had one can of the blueberries, but it worked out fine! I was a little worried about the thickness of the batter when trying to "pour" it into the bundt pan. Instead I ended up spooning and stretching the batter around the pan. I needn't have worried, when baking-- the batter rose and spread out just fine! Because of the other reviewer's comment, I cut the cinnamon down to 1 teaspoon~perfect! The only other change I made was to use 1/2 cup of pecans instead of walnuts because that is what I had on hand. I cooked for exactly 50 minutes. The cake is nice and fluffy on the inside and has a nice crust on the outside. I might cook it for 45 minutes, next time I make it--just so it is a little more moist, but it is wonderful as is. My hubby and I each had a piece warm out of the oven and this is pure comfort food. No one would ever know this started with a mix if you didn't tell them. Thanks Julie B's Hive!

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Juenessa January 16, 2008

This is a simple and easy recipe with very nice, very moist, and very sweet bundt cake that makes a lovely presentation. We did find the cinnamon a bit strong, but will include that the addition of the walnuts were exceptional. The sour cream in the recipe was well liked also.

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2Bleu January 09, 2008
Blueberry Bundt Cake