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These were delicious! My daughter requested pancakes this morning for breakfast, so I came to the computer to get my recipe for Banana Buttermilk Pancakes, when I decided to quickly scan todays newest recipes and saw this. Sure glad I did! I really like using recipes which include whole wheat flour for that extra nutrition, especially for my kids. The banana flavour combined with blueberries was very nice. These cooked up nice and puffy and light. May add a dash of cinnamon next time, but these are really great as is! Thanks for a healthy breakfast for my little ones!(Enjoyed by their Mommy too!:) )Will make great use of this recipe!

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Rhonda *J* December 10, 2003

These were delicious. They were nice and fluffy. Thanks for posting.

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gwynn September 03, 2009

I was not too impressed with these. I try different pancake recipes every week, and my kids will eat just about anythining in the form of a pancake - including their vegetables! This is the first pancake recipe that they have refused to eat. I cooked on my griddle heated to 350, as usual,and the first 4 pancakes I put on I left out the blueberries since I know my kids don't like them. They burned quickly, but when I took them off they were still gooey in the middle. The next 4 I flattened with the spatula after flipping and those cooked through okay, but were still darker than I like. The next 4 I sprinkled on the blueberries (because I love them) but when I went to take them off the griddle they stuck because of the blueberries and, despite how brown they were, they were also not done in the center. I tried one final pancake this time mixing the blueberries in the batter instead of just putting them on top. I cooked that one for well over 5 minutes and, though quite brown, it was mostly done in the center. I threw out the rest of the batter since my kids wouldn't eat the pancakes anyway, and it just wasn't worth taking the time to finish cooking them since the results were so poor. The flavor of the cooked portions of these panckaes was good (im my opinion), but they were just very hard to get cooked through properly.

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AprilShowers April 02, 2007

I'm not a big fan of blueberies but I needed to get rid of some VERY ripe bananas & thought the fruit combo would be nice to try. These were pretty darn good! I would advise to put the blueberries close to the center of the pancakes as some of mine oozed out from being too close to the edge! I made half w/ the blueberries & half without; I loved how this recipe had that option since they aren't mixed in with the batter. I added more Splenda than called for & 1/4 tsp cinn. Used whole wheat pastry flour for the white flour. Very nice & healthy!

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LUVMY2BOYS April 05, 2006

SO good! We often make these without blueberries, but always use the bananas! It's a great way to use overripe bananas, and taste so good with peanut butter and syrup!

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MellyMel March 06, 2006

Delicious! Thanks for a wonderful recipe! I will definetly be making these again!

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Madi&Paige'sMommy June 01, 2005

Pancakes are a favorite of mine to make because they are easy and taste good. With just a little extra effort, these pancakes score high and above those made with the store bought mixes I normally use. The wheat and banana make them more flavorful, and I love blueberries. Since I'm watching my cholesterol, it was easy to subtitute a couple of egg whites for the one egg. I didn't have to feel guilty for having three!

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Kristina Crowder March 01, 2004
Blueberry-Banana Pancakes