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I made 48 of these Sunday night thinking they would last all week as appetizers/snacks/side dishes to the rest of our week-day dinners. My husband and three kids devoured them so fast, I had to steal one from my 1 year old's plate to get one of my own! Needless to say, this will be a regular menu item for our family. I used Jimmy Dean sage sausage and Toffuti cream cheese (4/5 of our family have lactose protien allergies) and skipped the parm. cheese. They were delicious! Oh, and my youngest (1 year old) and I had the leftover stuffing and sauted mushroom stems in an omlet for dinner the next day as you suggested. It too was delicious!

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Brooke Gomez November 19, 2010

Very handy recipe to have on hand. These are great for entertaining. You get a lot of flavor with minimal ingredients or fussiness. Such a super easy recipe, I had it committed to memory after the first batch. I have made them 3 times if that tells you anything. Thanks for the recipe! I do add a squeeze of lemon for a little lift because that's what my palette prefers. Yum.

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Mymble76 April 15, 2010

I made these for a family birthday celebration this past weekend. The birthday boy (36 y.o.) asked for some kind of stuffed mushrooms. I made this because A: they sounded great & B: we have someone who is allergic to bacon....and most of the other recipes include this ingredient. I cooked the mixture at home and transported it along with the cleaned and destemmed mushrooms. Once there, I quickly 'stuffed" the mushrooms, sprinkled with parmesan cheese and baked. Our family gathering consisted of 9 people, so I opted to buy medium whole mushrooms (instead of the large ones) in order to make more mushrooms. Everyone in my family absolutely raved over this appetizer! Today I got an instant message from my sister that she was dreaming about this recipe! After all was said and done, I ended up with about 1 & 1/2 cups extra of mixture. I put it into the frig for my parents. My mom called me tonight telling me she is putting it on french bread that she is toasting in the oven. I wouldn't be surprised if she continues to make this recipe for just that purpose!

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Leilani March 29, 2010

I made these last night and they were a BIG hit. Everyone loved them. I didin't change one thing- they are perfect the way they are. We like these so much that I"m making them again today. Thanks for posting!

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simplemom May 31, 2010

This was a huge hit at the party last night. I'm lazy, so I just browned the sausage and tossed in the green onion and cream cheese and let the heat wilt the onions. Worked fine. I topped with shredded parm. DH loved them, always a bonus. Thanks for the recipe.

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Denise! January 01, 2010

I must have read it wrong? 10 servings? Does that mean I just consumed 2270 calories in 8 minutes? Working on a second batch, just getting warmed up. These are to die for. Had to have a sample. LOL. Made exactly except sprinkled with a little garlic salt and paprika just for appearance. Thanks Scrubber another winner.

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Chef Jeff Garland November 08, 2009

I cut the pork in half and made up some Pepperidge Farm Stuffing mix, then added to the sausage. I also added in some fresh squeezed lemon and also squeezed some on top about 5 minutes before I took them out of the oven. I had a hard time staying out of them once I tasted the first one. They are THAT good! My company thought they were excellent and kept going back for more. These are an appetizer I will have many more times when I want to "WOW" my guests!

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KitchenWitchWay September 15, 2008

Wonderful I made these and gobbled them up. My DH suggested eating them with Ritz and they were great even used the extra saugsage mixture as a dip to eat with Ritz crackers. It was super easy and not time consuming.

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Angelique J February 07, 2008

Stand out appetizer, without a doubt. I made these for DH and I using low-fat cream cheese and reduced fat Jimmy Dean sausage and the result was perfection. Traditionally a "Wings and Spinach Dip" kinda man, my DH has requested that these mushrooms be on the SuperBowl menu, and we will gladly reassure all of his buddies that they should just try one, and they will be hooked as well. Thanks Potsie!

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AKillian24 January 23, 2008

I made these wonderful appetizers for our Christmas Day dinner party with HUGE success! I made exactly as written and everyone raved. I snuck in to sample before they were all gone and I can see why this has been so well reviewed. I did make a day ahead and heated for 30 minutes. Thanks Potsie! We will be making these again and soon! My nephews asked that I make these for New Years Eve.

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CindiJ December 26, 2007
Blue Ribbon Stuffed Mushrooms