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Holy Cow, Batman!! These are fabulous!! We make peanut butter cookies often, but somehow missed this recipe. Many peanut butter cookie recipes look similar, but this one is a true standout. DH actually put this together this morning, and he is an excellent cookie baker. Sugary, peanut buttery, and extremely tender, they are everything a peanut butter cookie afficionado could want. Thank you for our new favorite standby!

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Tisherself February 23, 2010

Awesome peanut butter cookies! Definitely don't forget to roll them in sugar... I did on the first dozen. The rest got sugared and the light coating of sugar completed the cookie perfectly... I can see why these won a blue ribbon! Thanks for posting!

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Brad 007 July 30, 2011

These were delicious. It wasn't until after I had made them that my husband noticed that they are exactly the same as the ones my mom makes. So I looked up that recipe, and sure enough, exactly the same. I was making these back in the late 70's, and they were great then. I like them better with crunchy peanut butter - I just like the little peanut pieces.

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jeanmarieok August 28, 2009

I loved these. The flavor is perfect and they were ridiculously simple to make with ingredients I have in my pantry at all times. The day of baking, they were crisp around the edges and chewy and soft in the middle. The following days, soft and chewy. Yum!

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Indigosmom September 28, 2009

I am sorry to have to give this recipe such a low review, but there are a few reasons I feel it is warranted. My first reason is iI made these for a fundraiser that is being given for a local family. I was so unimpressed with these that I woule not have felt comfortable donating them. I had to make something else. I just wish I had read the reviews a little more carefuilly before I decided to try thiese. You did not say how soft the dough was. I had to chill it, even though I was looking for a recipe that didn't need chilling. So I had to wake up an hour earlier to finish these. Another strike. The flavor wasn't all that impressive either, and they flattened out and looked terrible. It also took me 3 tres to get the bakng time and temp right. I wasted a lot of ingredients, expensive things these days. I've had many pb cookies better than this. My stand-by PB cookie recipe is better than this. I was hoping "blue ribbon" would be exceptional. Then, when I searched zaar to find the recipe agan to giove it a review, I found another with the same name. That one not only used shortening, it also had baking powder. Probably the reason this version had such a bad texture. Secondly, the other recipe called for chilling, as well as baking at 350 for 9 odd minutes. So poor, incomplete directions, poor outcome, mediocre flavor, vaguness on baking temp and time causing many burned and/or underdone, wasted cookies .... I couldn't rate this any higher. And I am sorry, and I was truly expecting these to be great.

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Charmed March 27, 2009

What a great cookie! I made these with my son for Christmas and we used colored sugars to roll the dough in. Yummy!

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laurala78 December 23, 2008

These were awesome-the first batch I made burnt so I had to adjust my time to less than 10 minutes so just check on them. It could have been my oven-who knows? The end result was a great moist cookie that was better than any I've ever have. Thanks for sharing.

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msjill111 December 10, 2008

I like this. The cookies have good peanut butter flavor and the right amount of chew. I did make a small change. First of all, I cut the salt in half. I used Smuckers Natural peanut butter and Spectrum Organic Shortening (which is palm oil). Following advice from some reviewers on a number of peanut butter cookie recipes, I cut the shortening in half and replaced it with an equal amount of peanut butter (peanut butter contains a lot of fat in the form of peanut oil so this is an easy sub). The dough came out crumbly (that might be due to the shortening I used) so I added a tablespoon of milk, it was still crumbly but I was able to form the cookies with no problems. I like these cookies a lot and will make them again. I served them to my brother who says he doesn't like peanut butter cookies but he liked these a lot. Now, as far as the number of cookies the recipe claims to make (4 dozen), you will not get anywhere near that unless they are the size of a peanut. I got exactly 18 normal size cookies from this recipe.

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Riverside Len March 08, 2015

I made these over the weekend, and they turned out great. I've attempted peanut butter cookies in the past, but these are by far the best. I'm saving this recipe. I did not change a single thing. They are perfect as is. (I used creamy peanut butter). Thank you for posting. (Made for Alphabet Soup" tag)

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rosie316 June 10, 2013

Awesome peanut butter flavor! I did add a few extra tablespoons of flour as the dough was very wet. I chilled the batter for about 20 minutes before rolling the batter in sugar. Everyone enjoyed these!

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JPerez November 04, 2012
Blue Ribbon Peanut Butter Cookies