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This is the best carrot cake I have ever had. It is the one we used to serve at T.G.I. Friday's back in the eighties. Fabulous!!! Be careful not to let the buttermilk glaze boil over (which it does easily). Use a sheet pan. This is really too moist for a layered cake treatment. Go easy on the orange zest in the frosting. Poke holes in the top of the cake with the blunt end of a bamboo skewer to allow the buttermilk glaze to soak in evenly. This can be made several days in advance for a party. I have one in the refrigerator that is 13 days old and just as good as the day it was made. If I could give an extra half of a start, I would.

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donnajwolfe@gmail.com February 04, 2011

This is my third time making this cake in less than a month. Each time I do something a tad bit different. Instead of the orange juice in the frosting, I used a teaspoon of pure orange extract. Perfect! Also, I was trying to flip the cakes out of the pan onto a plate and then another flip to over so the caramelized top would be on TOP...but this time I just flipped it over onto the cake plate....and icing'd the layer...then flipped the other over on top of it. It's actually nice how the caramel is at the bottom of the cake...and then droops down onto the bottom layer from the top. Didn't do the raisins in any of my cakes - and this time used baby carrots ground up in a food processor....my oh my ....this cake makes me feel like I WON the blue ribbon!

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902946 December 18, 2008

I have been searching for the Ultimate Carrot Cake. I need look no longer....This Is It!! This cake is the best I've ever eaten, and believe me I have eaten a lot of carrot cakes over the years. It is wonderfully moist and flavorful. I rarely frost this cake, as it is wonderful all by it's self. Thank you Recipe Junkie for ending a life long search. I will never try an other carrot cake recipe. I have found "The One and Only".

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Chef Howe March 12, 2008

This is truly the BEST,Blue ribbon carrot cake I have ever tasted.WOW! I have always looked for the best of any cake I try.Over the years,I probably have tried 20 carrot cake recipes,But this is the ULTIMATE.Thank you for sharing.A grateful carrot cake lover!Rose of Sharon

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out of here July 05, 2006

OMG on steroids!!!! I just baked this cake this morning and I can't stop sneaking bites! ... And I haven't even frosted it yet! This is truly THE MOST MOIST AND DELICIOUS CARROT CAKE I HAVE EVER TASTED! it's good with just the buttermilk drizzle that I'm seriously thinking about skipping the frosting. It's THAT good. The buttermilk drizzle is the key. You won't go wrong with making this cake. TO DIE FOR and worth every calorie!

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missmelofcolorado March 31, 2013

This hasta be thee BESTEST Carrot Cake I've ever had!!! Little bit of work, but VERY well worth the effort!!! So very moist & flavorful!!! THANKS so much for sharing!!!

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Ackman December 16, 2012

I made mine into muffins instead and they turned out great. Its easier to grab and go this way. I left out the orange juice and zest in the frosting because I don't like the citrus flavor so much. I also forgot to put the coconut in but they're still very tasty. Thanks for the recipe.

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Kittal February 15, 2012

People get weak in the knees when I make this recipe. It is 2d4.

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misscain January 13, 2012

This was my first attempt making carrot cake and I baked it for my sister's baby shower recently. Afterwards, people were raving about it; coming up to me asking for the recipe, saying it was the moistest carrot cake they've ever had, etc. When I brought some home to my husband, he informed me, "You don't know, because you don't usually eat carrot cake, but THIS is excellent carrot cake!" Thanks for the great recipe!

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pugeebunnie March 28, 2011

This is the best and also richest carrot cake I have ever had. I absolutely love it and the only one that I make and sell. My husband who loves carrot cake says that this is by far the best carrot cake he has ever had. I don't use all of the glaze because the cake seems to get wet as opposed to moist. I also don't use the raisins because I don't like them. I don't use the orange in the frosting either. I think I will next time I make it though.

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mizjmassie March 24, 2011
Blue Ribbon Carrot Cake [with Buttermilk Glaze]