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This was a very tasty smoothie! The first one I've made in my brand new blender and I'm definitely very happy with it. I made a half recipe, with a couple subs - I used blueberry preserves rather than blackberry, full-fat yogurt, 2% milk and slightly less cinnamon than called for (the kind I have is organic and very strong). I love the hint of maple flavor and the fact that this was just sweet enough and naturally sweetened rather than using sugar. It was a gorgeous almost florescent purple-blue. I really am not a big "fruit" person, but I do enjoy smoothies, and this was great. I really was surprised at how well the maple, cinnamon and blueberry paired. I found the cinnamon a bit dominating, but again, that may be because of my rather strong organic cinnamon. All-in-all highly recommended, a great treat or snack! I think this would be very easy to make vegan too- just substitute soy yogurt and soy milk for the dairy! Thanks for what was indeed a "yummy yummy" smoothie!! :)

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Roosie January 07, 2005
Blue Maple Shake