Blue Cheese & Pear Filling for Mini-Tartlets (German)

Total Time
20 mins
0 mins

I love this recipe from the *Food With Friends* section of *Modern German Food* by Roz Denny. Why do I love this recipe? - Because I like all easy, make-ahead, impressive & versatile food fare that convinces your guests you have taken spec care to enhance their dining pleasure. This recipe is versatile because it works as a finger-food appy, garnish for or part of a luncheon salad plate & creative addition to the popular fruit & cheese combo for dessert theme. I will opt for the latter as they are very popular here in Iceland. *Enjoy* !

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  1. Mash cheese w/a fork in a bowl. Mix in the celery + black pepper, gradually beat in the cream cheese & fold in the chives. Chill in the fridge till required.
  2. Peel, quarter & core pears 20-30 min b4 serving. Cut crossways into slices & mix w/the lemon juice to stop them turning brown (I usually use my pastry brush for this).
  3. Fill 18 pre-baked mini-tartlet shells w/the cheese mixture, stand a pear piece on top & sprinkle lightly w/poppy seeds (if using).