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Bob, I made this for DH who adores blue cheeses but was amazed at the amount of Mayo.. almost a litre!? I used a 350g jar and that seemed better to us. I don't eat blue cheese so the comments are from DH who really is a blue cheese connoisseur: he would have given it 3 stars if I'd made it with the full amount of mayo stated. He would have given it 5 stars if we kept the 350g mayo and added much more blue cheese as he felt that this would improve it even more(I already used 1/3 more than the recipe stated). Therefore he rates it 4 stars as he says that the flavour is subtle and smooth, mellow and tasty, and that he would have no problem having it again. Even with a 3rd of the amount of mayo, this did make a lot so he will be enjoying this for a while :) Please see my rating system, a lovely 4 stars. Thanks!

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kiwidutch May 17, 2006
Blue Cheese Dressing by Bob