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I had these at BLT Steak in NY and they were so fluffy and good, that I had to make them myself. I didn't have a "Popover" pan nor did I want to buy another piece of cooking equipment unless it was multi-functional so I opted for my cupcake pan.

I had created the recipe with 12 servings in mind and followed the instructions to a tee, but realized later that they were meant for a popover pan with its deep, narrow pans. I baked them a second time and changed the servings to 2. I got about 7 holes filled in the pan. I also added a lot of grated cheese as the first time I made these, the cheese was non-existent. I also changed the cooking time to 15 min, then rotated 180 degrees and cooked another 15min more.

They came out pretty damn good and now I have something to replace biscuits during x-mas dinner this year.

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gonzonyc September 16, 2012
BLT Restaurant Popovers