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A neat combo of flavors. Having made this a couple of times, first per the recipe, here are the things I would change: Add 1/2 the dressing, let the pasta salad chill, at serving time add lettuce, remainder of dressing and toss. Use 12 Oz. pasta, not 7. Use 1 more slice of bacon. Add 1 more tomato. Substitute chopped red onion for green onion and increase the amount.

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Mr. Capers August 01, 2009

This is my husbands favorite summer salad. The only adaption that I made was substituting thinly sliced celery for the lettuce. I don't have to worry about the lettuce wilting and it holds up better in the fridge.

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Nicdon May 28, 2005

This is a fabulous salad! I took it to a pool party, and there wasn't a sniff left. I was afraid the lettuce would wilt when mixed in, so I just layered it on top. I was also a little put off by the amount of Realemon, but I made it exactly as written, and it was wonderful! I'll be making this again on a regular basis. Great take-along dish.

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papergoddess July 17, 2002

Yummy! Made this tonight for supper. Used a little more bacon than it called for (just shy of 1 lb.) and crushed 3 chicken boullion cubes (I didn't have any granulated boullion). Other than that, followed the recipe exactly. Great flavor. Next time I'll only use 2 boullion cubes; made it a little too salty. Oh, this is great w/fresh ground pepper on it!

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Musical Joy September 09, 2002

Very good! My mom's catering business opens in 2 months and we have been trying out different items to possibly put on the cafe menu. We wanted something different than regular pasta salad and this may be the one! Also, after more than 24 hours of refrigeration, the lettuce still remains green and fresh. I followed this recipe exactly. Whether or not we decide to make this a regular on the menu; it will definitly be run as a special and will be made from time to time out of my OWN kitchen in the future. Thanks for a keeper!

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TheDancingCook October 12, 2002

Just made this for a July 4th picnic. Delicious! Was a little concerned about the combination of ingredients in the dressing, but wow they work well together. I added a little more bacon to the recipe and used a 12 oz box of pasta as one reviewer recommended. Since my family prefers Spinach, am substituting this for lettuce. I plan to add the spinach just before serving. Nice twist to turn a pasta salad into something a little more.

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LizzieNC July 04, 2012

This was an amazing salad! I made it exactly as the recipe said, except I used real lemon juice and abt a TBL of lemon zest. This actually made wayyy too much salad for just my husband and me, so on day TWO I minced a couple cloves of garlic, chopped a stalk of celery sauted them in a bit of butter and added it to the pasta. Then, on day THREE I deboned some grilled [leftover] chicken and tossed it into the salad with a handful of fresh lettuce and tomatoes. The salad is so good and easy to manipulate for what you have on hand. The lemon is sooo refreshing! Thanks for sharing your recipe, LAURA36 !

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Sueski April 26, 2012

I have one word for this receipe.....YUMMMMMMMY!! I tweaked some things on it. I used ranch dressing and I did not put the lettuce in. I was aftraid of the lettuce wilting on me after the first day. Outside of those few changes, I followed the directions. How could you not like anything with bacon in it. I look forward to maybe adding different salad dressings with different veggies. Hmmmm HMMMMM Good. On top of that, its less that ten bucks to make a big batch. Great Salad for picnics.

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keshiaoctavia September 02, 2010

I prepared this for a party and had 3 requests for the recipe. This is really good! I prepared the ingredients the night before. I mixed half of the dressing with the pasta and all veggies except the lettuce. I mixed the bacon, lettuce, and the rest of the dressing just before serving. I used one head of romaine, and fresh lemon juice. I only had bouillon cubes, so I crushed one cube for the dressing. We generally follow a lower sodium diet, so I thought the full amount of bouillon might be too salty for our taste. Since there are no good summer tomatoes to be found in Feb, I used 3 roma.

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Linda Sue February 12, 2010

This is delicious. I wondered about the lemon, but it was really good in it. You can taste the lemon, but it gives it a unique taste. I made it for a friend and she wanted the recipe too! Thanks!

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Sherri35 May 28, 2003
BLT Pasta Salad