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I was ready to give five stars after licking the spoon! But then after it set up in the fridge it was even better! I can imagine this would mold beautifully and I already have plans to make it as a pie filling as it would be very sliceable. I did make one change -- I used cherry preserves in place of the cherries because I couldn't find any. It turned out so well, I don't know if I'd risk doing it any differently next time. I can imagine this would be perfect for a vitamin, but my food processor handled it just fine. YUM!

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Wish I Could Cook September 02, 2012

This IS mind-blowing! Made this for sweet toothed DH and he was raving. Luckily my dates were very soft so I had no problems getting them smooth. Also I took the trouble to chop them prior to soaking which sure helped, too.
Thanks for sharing this winner, I'll definitely have to make it again ;-)
Made for Think Pink 2011.

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Mia in Germany October 31, 2011

Oh my this is just fabulous! I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive to make this at first due to just having normal cocoa powder rather than raw cacao and using olive oil opposed to a more neutral oil like canola or sunflower that wouldn't overpower the fruit. But it DOES work and quite marvellously at that. I pureed the dates first with a little water, they soaked about 6-7 hours. Thawed out the cherries first. Then I added the rest of the ingredients and just pureed as best as my wonky blender could (this was my blender's last concoction before its death!) and the end result was far exceeded my expectations! This could also work with other berry purees like blueberries, strawberries, or a mix. Would definitely make again once I have a new blender! Made for Veggie Swap 23.

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the80srule May 31, 2010
Blow-Your-Mind, Amazing Chocolate Cherry Pudding - Raw