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This will be a long review, so bottom line first - these are terrific pancakes! Tasty, light and fluffy, and I LOVE that are whole grain. And whole grain that is less processed than store-bought flour! I had trouble with this the first two times I made it. It was pretty much milk with bits of wheat berries in it. I emailed WI Cheesehead who very kindly gave a quick response and thought the problem was probably that my blender isn't powerful enough to pulverize the wheat. So this time I used my food processor. I started with just the berries, then added just enough buttermilk to get it moving. It took about 5 minutes instead of 3, but the berries were finally pulverized! From there I continued with the recipe as is. I served it our favorite way - with a choice of maple syrup and/or fresh fruit topping (cooked and thickening with cornstarch - much like pie filling but less sweet). MMmmmmmmmm!!!

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Elisa72 September 27, 2007

Very good pancakes! I've never made anything with wheat berries and I was a little nervous but these cook up very well and they were so simple to put together. I put blueberries in some of them and served them with maple syrup. Thanks!

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SweetySJD June 10, 2007
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