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Absolutely delicious. Okay, so maybe I didn't exactly follow directions. I used 1 28 oz can tomato puree, 1 onion, 1 red bell pepper (both of which I chopped), 1/2 cup cider vinegar, 1/2 cup sugar, dash of salt, dry mustard, allspice, ground cloves, ground cinnamon. I cooked it about 2 hours, then used an immersion blender. Wonderful.

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threeovens March 01, 2009

This great ketchup recipe gives an amazing aroma while cooking, and after cooking my first very small (one pint fridge) batch, I found myself serving hot dogs and hamburgers just to get a chance to enjoy it. My DH polished off that first jar on some pork chops and he raves that this ketchup is all things to all people. I am working on my second batch (a half batch) tonight to can. I'm using 3 different varieties of tomatoes out of my garden, and store bought onions and peppers. WIth this batch I used apple cider vinegar and cayenne as NoSpringChicken suggests. I seeded the tomatoes before blending the veggies. WIth my first batch I used regular vinegar, so I look forward to the change in flavor. Starting with the canning experiment tonight, I hope to hone this recipe to gift jars of this "gourmet" ketchup for Christmas this year. Thanks for posting!

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KT Scarlet August 28, 2012

Out of ketchup and not wanting to go to the store, i stumbled onto this recipe. I used the side bar version using a 28oz can of tomatoes but had no allspice or paprika so I added 1/2tsp each Garam Masala and garlic puree. Even my 8yo grandson loved it. I may never buy store bought again!

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dejablu503 January 04, 2010

This is really tasty. It has a light Manwich flavor to it. As ketchup, we love it. For sloppy joes, it is the best. (I added a small can of tomoato paste to thicken for the sloppy joes). Outstanding and thank you!

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dogsandwoods September 16, 2007

OK, I made a few changes- used 9#'s of 'maters, 3 green bells, a quarter of 1 red bell (that was all I had), omitted the allspice (didn't have any), and added a dash of sweet paprika to make up for my lack of bell peppers. Came out great! Will use paprika and omit allspice next time. Thanks NSC! This was easy and fun!

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BothFex September 18, 2006
Blender Ketchup