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Yooper! What a great cake - thanks! I made it for a co-workers b-day today and it was such a hit! One gal thought it was from our local bakery for sure...she just couldn't believe that I'd made it. It's very, very chocolatey - the cake is dense and moist, and the genache is heavenly. My cakes overflowed the cake pans when they baked, so I just cut off the 'lips' before frosting. And my middle fell a bit - maybe I should have cooked a bit longer than 40 min, even though my themometer was right at 350. Just delicious and a keeper!! :)

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Lisa Pizza July 28, 2002

This cake is not only delicious, it makes an impressive presentation. This is an easy recipe to make, just allow yourself enough time. I made the ganache first, which gave it plenty of time to cool while I made the layers. The cake itself is dense and moist, and my layers didn't fall at all after taking them from the oven. I made the ganache not using chocolate chips, but semi-sweet dark chocolate fondant- living in Belgium, I have easy access to the best chocolate! The ganache was so beautiful, it was almost a shame to add the almond slivers and hide the lovely sheen. Next time I think I'll try hazelnuts, though the almonds were tasty. This recipe is definitely a keeper, perfect for those special occasions when you want something both luscious and ultra-professional looking.

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FlemishMinx July 02, 2003

This was an amazing, jaw dropping treat. By far the best chocolate cake I've ever had and a huge hit for Father's Day! It isn't traditionally sweet, definitely more european in flavor as it is super dark and rich. Wow. One thing I have to point out is it makes enough batter for three 9in round layers. I made the ganache (using dark chocolate instead of semi-sweet chips) but then after chilling it for 4 hours I whipped it in my kitchen-aide and added some more whipping cream and two TBS of powdered sugar to firm it up and stretch it to cover the extra layer of cake. Topped it off with fresh raspberries and the toasted almonds...you won't find a better tasting dark chocolate cake!

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annielohnes June 21, 2010

I follwoed the directions exactly and don't know what I did wrong. There was way too much batter for my cake pans and the cake layers cooked over. I even made 2 custard cup 'cakes'. My cake fell in the middle when I took it out of the pans. Nevertheless, the flavor is delicious. Next time I will use a 9x13 pan and not do layers. Even so, I will definitely try it again.

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paulclynnc June 06, 2010

This is a very rich, chocolate-y cake. I made it yesterday as a birthday cake for my son, and my chocoholic family inhaled it. However, it is not the original Brooklyn blackout cake that I grew up on. The cake I remember from my childhood was from Ebinger's, which closed in the 70's. It was a dense, 3-layer cake with a chocolate pudding filling. It was frosted with chocolate icing, and covered with cake crumbs. I have a recipe that's supposed to be the original which I will post today. That said, this was really delicious.

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Suzanne Siegel July 18, 2004

Yooper this was fantastic! Thank you so much for posting this recipe! The only made 2 changes. I added a little confectioner's sugar to the frosting and I used Chocolate chips to garnish the frosting instead of almonds. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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The Giggle Box August 09, 2003
Blackout Cake