Blackening Seasoning Mix Paul Prudhomme

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

This recipe comes from one of my very favorite American chef, Paul Prudhomme and is posted here on request. I love all his recipes I've tried and none ever disappointed me.


  1. Combine all ingredients. Keep unused portion in tight container.
Most Helpful

I've been using the Paul Prudhomme Blackening Season for at least 20 yrs. I'm so happy someone figured out how to make it AND share. Thank you so much.

Ande B September 14, 2014

I used just a little bit of Thyme since we don't really like it, and I used 1/2 sweet paprika and 1/2 smoked paprika. It was delicious on blackened Tilapia! I think I'll make a big bowl of it to keep on hand instead of buying blackening spice at the store.

Teddy's Mommy September 20, 2010

Very Good! I think its just missing a couple of things to make it perfect: 1/2 the paprika should be the hot, smoky variety, add about 1 tsp fennel seed, and before you put in the thyme, oregano, and fennel you should break it down with either a mortar & pestle or use your fingers and the palm of your hand. DONT use a food processor - all that does is cut it into smaller pieces - you want to break down the husks and fibre to release all the potency. Do that, and it's 5 star!

Fran D. June 25, 2016