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Simply GREAT. Just after my fancy: easy and fast to make and full of fantastic flavours. The recipe can be done with any firm fish (I have used tilapia this time). The outcome is wonderful. The spice mixture builds a thin blackened crust and the fish is still soft and moist. The fillet I used was about 1.5 inches and it needed just 5 minutes from each side. The salsa was spicy and next time I will make the slsa a little more "hot". The sweetness of the cherry tomatoes goes so well together with all the different spices and the green bell pepper adds a fresh and crunchy touch. Don't miss the cilantro. Together with the lime juice it will pop up each and every of the different flavours. This one is a keeper.

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Thorsten March 05, 2006

Wonderfully fresh. I was honestly just looking for a quick way to cook my catfish and I stumbled upon this recipe which is an absolute keeper.

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Splash035 March 09, 2013
Blackened Catfish With Salsa Fresca With Cilantro