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Ohhh lala! This was very good. I also substituted the lemon pepper with cajun seasoning. Awesome blackened seasonings and there was enough for the 6 fillets I used. Tastes better than any I have had at a restaurant. Filled our house with a wonderful smell that lingered. It is nice to know that we can have New Orleans cuisine right here at home. 5 stars all the way, baby.

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mariav23 March 05, 2003

Mmmmm! This was quick and easy and very good indeed! I made one change: I took out the lemon pepper and put in one teaspoon of cajun seasoning because I wanted a spicier fish. Really good combination on the spices. I served it with dirty rice and steamed broccoli and cauliflower. I was a little surprised by duonyte's review because I had a lot of spices left over. I probably could have fixed another 6 filets with the amount that I had. One warning: open some windows because I almost set off our fire alarm with the smoke from blackening. Hee hee. But it sure was worth it! My wife got home as I was cooking and said she could smell the fish from the parking lot. Great recipe!

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TrinkDawg January 09, 2003

I have eaten this dish in restaurants and have always wanted to make this at home. It was the easiest fish recipe I've ever prepared. Of course, I've always worried about making it at home because I've been warned about the indoor smoke. Yes, this dish creates quite a smoke cloud in my home, but it is sooo worth it. Just turn on your range/exhaust fan and enjoy!

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Velouria July 29, 2003

Delicious! My wife is Hungarian, so we had top quality paprika at home. More and more supermarkets are beginning to carry Hungarian paprika, it really is the best. Instead of butter, I used olive oil the third time I made it and the fish seemed to be less greasy. This was so easy to prepare, though I think the fish takes more like 3 minutes per side to cook through. I suggest using a shaker to apply the spices instead of dipping into a dish, that way the blackened coat isn't too thick. If you like spicy food, you will absolutely love this recipe.

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Alex Salzmann April 23, 2003

We have always just eaten fried catfish but I thought I would try it cooked this way for something different. WOW is all I can say. If you like spicy food, this is something you should try. Great spice rub and the fish were delicious. Crisp coating but tender and flaky on the inside. Great recipe. Thanks!!

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sarabeth123 March 18, 2003

We loved this, used all the spice on 2 Big fillets, the 2 weighed over 1 1/4 pounds. I did cut them into for eaiser handling. Didn't make any changes in the spice rub. DH, said this is the way I want my catfish from now on.

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Barb Gertz March 16, 2003

This was very good. Wolfed down by all. However, I used all the spice rub on three fillets - perhaps mine were very large? In any event, it's worth making a larger quantity of the spice rub, as it's the kind that will keep for a long time.

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duonyte August 02, 2002

A pathetic excuse for blackened catfish. This is suited for wimps that can't handle the spiciness of Cajon food. Make this for the kids but use a different recipe if you actually enjoy Cajon food.

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Anonymous March 01, 2015

After reading the reviews on this recipe I thought I would try it on some fresh caught catfish. Please note that this recipe is very very salty, I even did not use all the salt the recipe called for. Very surprised on how others rated this recipe. I would suggest not to add salt as this recipe should be very tasty if you do that.

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Andy62 July 13, 2013

This is a great catfish recipe. I caught a 7 lb catfish and the fillets were pretty thick. I removed the dark meat on the skin side, then split the fillets horizontally so they were 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick. I made the spice mix and ran it through my spice/coffee grinder then put the "smooth" spices into an empty spice container/shaker - a perfect way to apply the seasoning. I used a mix of olive oil and butter. On the outside gas grill, I heated a griddle and kept the smoke outdoors. (My wife had complained about my practice run inside with the small cast iron pan. Even the fan couldn't vent all the smoke.) Today my wife raved about the fish...sans smokey house. Clean-up was a breeze. This will be a go-to preferred over deep-fry.

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Something in the Smoker March 04, 2013
Blackened Catfish