Blackened Boneless Chicken Breasts

Total Time
10 mins
10 mins

From "A Guide to Inspired Meals", a book of recipes from Lipton Sides.

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  1. Mix all dry spices in a medium bowl, large enough to also use to coat the chicken.
  2. Dip both sides of the chicken breasts in the mixture of spices, coating well.
  3. Heat the vegetable oil in a medium skillet over high heat. Once hot, gently place the chicken breasts in hot oil and cook for about two minutes.
  4. Once well blackened (yes, they will be a little black but don't worry), turn the breasts over and continue cooking for another 2 minutes or until chicken is thoroughly cooked. Remove chicken from pan.
  5. To serve, cut chicken breasts into 3/4-inch slices on an angle and fan out on plate.
  6. For a quick and easy topping, mix sour cream, cilantro, salt and pepper together in a small bowl with a whisk and top each serving with a spoonful.
  7. Note: Like beef, chicken should rest for a few minutes before cutting or serving. This allows the juices to redistribute and the meat to relax and become more tender.