Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 0 mins

A shiny, deep colored sauce that is especially good over ice cream, bread pudding, shortcake, pound cake or anything your heart desires. Nothing could be easier, more natural or more delicious! This is a no cooking! This sauce can be made in the time it takes to use your food mill! From Room for Dessert.


  1. Puree the berries through a food mill or in a food processor and press them through a fine-mesh sieve to remove their seeds.
  2. Whisk in the sugar and lemon juice, whisking until the sugar dissolves.
  3. Taste for sweetness and adjust, if necessary.
Most Helpful

This IS a delicious sauce ... but because I have only a small fine sieve, it took 45 minutes to get the seeds out! So it was not a time-saver for me. I put it over Ina's lemon yogurt cake (loaf) and what a pairing. The smidgen of lemon juice in the sauce married perfectly, and I am so glad I put in the effort. A keeper!<br/>Oh, did anyone else find that their sauce was reddish, not the dark blue/black of the photo here? Maybe it was my berries, but though the outsides of them were very dark, the insides were very much the color of raspberries. Curious about the dark color illustrating the recipe here.

maggiedonato_3374958 July 25, 2014

I made this to go with French toast; delicious! This quick and easy sauce is a keeper.

Snow Queen February 16, 2014

i would have loved it more if i remembered to remove the seeds! but i still liked it over the pound cake i made.

elleinaddanielle May 22, 2011