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These are quite good. They taste is pretty subtle, just a little bit of a kick every now and then. The vanilla in them is to die for. It made so many that I adapted a few batches- added some mini choc. chips to some and cinnamon to others. Both are good. The cinnamon is great- makes it a really flavourful spicy cookie and seems to go well with the pepper. These are going in all my xmas gift tins!

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Len23 December 12, 2003

These cookies are great! I have made them several times, and sometimes I seperate the dough and make some without the pepper just so I get a variety (also, some times I ice some). A trick I use is to put the dough into logs in the fridge for a while. That helps me make even balls as I can just slice evenly and then form the balls from the slices. Thanks for a great recipe!

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DonnaR April 08, 2006

I made these on a snowy Saturday, and boy, did the house smell like the holidays. I really like these a lot - delicious, almost like a snickerdoodle. The pepper gives these cookies quite a unique taste. I made these exactly as directed. I ended up with slightly over 5 dozen (I may have been making the cookie balls a bit on the small side). On one of my cookie sheets, I had trouble getting the cookies off, so for the next batch, I sprayed it lightly with PAM - no problem. I wasn't sure how much to smoosh the cookie balls, so I'm not sure if my cookies are too thin, but I didn't have any problems getting them off the baking sheets (see above exception). They're wonderful with tea - thin and crispy. I wish I'd thought to dip the glass in green and red colored sugar - that would be pretty for the holidays. Simple, but delicious cookie with a complex taste - thanks for sharing this one, HeatherFeather!

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Lizzie-Babette December 07, 2003

You definitely get about 4 dozen cookies out of this recipe and flattening with a glass dipped in sugar is a great easy idea. I am a fan of pepper cookies and the pepper in this one is reasonably subtle so if you put more in, don't panic. Very nice butter cookie.

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Missy Wombat December 05, 2003

This is a WONDERFUL cookie. I was amazed how the pepper and the butter cookie combination worked so well. It's a soothing, comforting cookie that will taste like nothing you've ever had and you will love it!

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quikgourmet December 05, 2003

Oh wow, this is just a classic. Easy to make and very different. The pepper does give them a nice kick, but blends so well with the vanilla, you'll love the combination of flavors. I can see why HeatherFeather loves these so much. I'll make these often.

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Merrie Wold November 16, 2003

Love. Them. These cookies are wonderful and intriguing. I like making people guess what the secret ingredient is. I've made them twice now, and the second time I changed three things. I didn't flatten them, i rolled them in sugar, and I ground some fresh pepper on top of a few of the hot ones. I whole-heartedly recommend all of these things (only the extra pepper if you like the kick). When you don't flatten them they come out a little more fluffy but they still flatten nicely - I prefer that to how they are when you flatten them. Thanks Heather!

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Georgiapea September 03, 2009

WOW! i love these cookies. the pepper is just the right touch to make these just a little bit different and delicious. a real keeper. the basic cookie recipe is great, would lend itself to any other flavoring...cinnamon or lemon come to mind.

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Deedine February 24, 2004

These were part of my holiday cookie trays. I melted and dripped semi-sweet chocolate on half of them so there would be a little variation. Everyone loved them I think the black pepper is good and not overpowering at all.

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riffraff January 22, 2004

I have never had pepper cookies before and I had such high hopes after reading all the reviews .. I am sorry to say that I really did not like them .. the basic cookie recipe is excellent, the cookies turned out tender and tasty .. but the black pepper totally ruined them for me, so I will use the basic recipe and add some nutmeg and cinnamon, or maybe lemon zest, instead .. thank you heatherfeather! I really wanted to like this

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najwa January 15, 2004
Black Pepper Butter Cookies