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I love this recipe, and make it every year after my family goes to the local u-pick cherry orchard. Make sure you use a good quality cocoa powder, one year I used a cheap store brand because it was in the pantry. That batch did have a weird 'fake chocolate' taste to it that wasn't good on toast, I ended up using it up as a filling in cakes just so it wouldn't go to waste. I have used ghirardelli for good results and my favorite is E Guittard unsweetened rouge red cocoa powder. I only used 1 box of pectin and it set fine, firm enough to mound up but still had a nice softness to it that make it seem even richer spread on anything from regular whole wheat to toast brioche. Another variation I've done is with Rainier cherries, the overall color isn't as dark but the taste is awesome.

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Cynthia R. May 31, 2012

I hate giving less than glowing reviews but I have to be honest here. When I saw that this took 2 packs of pectin, I was leery but thought "Ok, it came from Blue Book... should be fine." It wasn't. This came out with a texture so firm that it can be sliced like the cranberry sauce one gets in a can. Not really what I wanted in a preserve. Plus the cocoa gives it... I don't know how to describe it... a fake taste I guess. I know that it is now not recommended to use solid unsweetened chocolate in canning but I can't help but think that this would have been better had I done so. With the cocoa and cherry mix, it came across as a cheap candy flavor. Add that to the firmness and I'm not really sure WHAT to do with the 9 jars I have (another issue there was the amount being inaccurate). I wish I had better things to say; I really do but I won't be making this one again. I'm sorry :-(

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JanetB-KY February 19, 2010

I used Frangelico instead of the ?Amaretto, but the preserves came out beautifully, and with a flavor that shocked everyone who dipped into the bowl at the family dinner!! The set up beautifully, and looked great. I added 1/2 teaspoon of butter at the end just before processing to cut down the foam. After all the requests for a jar, I was left with about a tablespoon for my family after everyone left (LOL)

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Mitzimom July 15, 2009
Black Forest Preserves