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Well. They taste really good. But they spread out while baking, and pretty much looked like a pan of brownies. They stuck to the pan and to each other so they're mostly just chunks I had to cut into the shape of cookies.... And by that I mean squares. And by squares I mean not any identifiable shape. I would make again, but would add more flour next time. But they do taste great.

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Desirai J. December 03, 2015

This recipe is the same as Recipezaar #201338, and is from the Cuisine at Home HoIiday Cookies Magazine. The cookies pictured in the magazine are about 3 inches in diameter, and the tops have wide chocolate streaks running through the powdered sugar coating. They're not a crisp cookie. The texture is soft, slightly chewy or fudgy, but not cakey. I used mini chips because I didn't want the larger chocolate chips to dominate the texture of the cookie, and substituted finely chopped crystallized ginger for the cherries to add a bit of spice to the cookies. These freeze beautifully. They only stay fresh for a day or two at room temperature. My yield was only 17 cookies that were approximately 2 1/2 to 3" in diameter.

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sadielady January 19, 2010

Made without the cherries altogether, and with probably twice as many chocolate chips (perhaps too many? hard to keep them in the dough). Amazing amazing amazing! Such a hit! I love that they don't take much butter. Doubling the recipe next time!! Yum!!

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slimmershadier October 16, 2009

Wonderful cookies. For me the count was a bit off, I got 22 cookies that I made about 1 inch in size. They didn't spread as I had expected them too but remained in balls. I used Splenda in the dough as well as for rolling, I'm not sure if the Splenda caused them not to spread but it really doesn't matter to me at all. They are simply delicious little mouthfuls no matter what final shape they have. My cherries are *really* dry and I soaked them in hot water while I worked on the cookies. After removing the cherries I used the remaining cherry water to dissolve the coffee. These will be a hit whenever they are made as well as a favorite on the Christmas cookie trays. Made for Photo Tag.

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Annacia May 05, 2009

I was extremely dissappointed with the appearance of these. Nothing like photo! Made exactly as stated. They did not rise and crinkle but instead spread all over cookie sheet. I have been baking over 40 yrs and I have never made a recipe where the sugar was mixed with the flour. The taste was very good but it came out so ugly I would not use this particular recipe again.

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rylansgm November 24, 2008
Black Forest Crinkle Cookies