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Made this cake for DH's birthday, and will do it again soon - I am just looking for an excuse to make the cake again. It is delicious (please see how I rate)! I will cut down on the sugar added to the cherries, perhaps 1/2 cup will be enough (1 cup was definitively too sweet), but that depends on cherries - I will try to use frozen black cherries and adjust the flavor by trial and error (I prefer when the cherry filling is a bit tart). Another change I will try is to fold in 1 cup of sour cream into the whipping cream (at least, that is what I've had before and it was an excellent cake). Really superb cake with little effort, thank you for sharing the recipe.

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Happy Hobbit July 05, 2009

Not rating it because my whipped cream icing sugar obviously came out too runny because everything is oozing out of my cake and I couldn't possibly pipe it. I'll try another time adding more icing sugar and review then. For now my husband will have to live with an oozy 40th birthday cake. :P (ETA: I definately used too much whipped cream, hence my problem. Everyone loves the cake anyway!)

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L00k January 11, 2008

DH is a big cherry fan and he loved this cake. I made a few minor adjustments such as using 1 tsp Almond Extract in place of the vanilla. I also made more of a filling instead of whipped cream. I took one small box of instant vanilla pudding and beat it with 2 cups of cold heavy cream. I got that from 1Steve (from this site) and it's a great idea. It holds up very well and is thicker than just whipped cream. I placed a layer of cherry filling then the vanilla filling on top. I didn't use whipped cream on the side, but just used a chocolate icing instead - it was great!

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Luby Luby Luby December 26, 2007

I made it again, and knowing what to do, and planning the decorating better, I got a much better cake. All I can say is that the cherry mix goes on first, then the cream, and ontop, no cream!!!

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Lranzen July 21, 2006

Great tasting cake and surprisingly not that difficult to make. I tried using the pastry bag for piping but with the whip cream it didn't seem to work very well (I just may be too inexperienced with decorating). I decorated the top with a few maraschino cherries. Any secrets as to how to do the crumbs on the side without messing up the whipped cream or making a huge mess would be nice ;). Dispite this, really tasty and nice presentation.

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weekend cook December 29, 2005
Black Forest Cake