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This was hard to rate, because the stars only go up to 5!!!! ;) :) THIS deserves at least 10!!!!!! :) I only made a few very minor changes. I had to use all-purpose flour and it worked out just fine, I added in addition to the two eggs 1 extra egg yolk. Then for the whipped frosting I used 1 cup powdered sugar, 1 cup heavy cream, 1/2 Tbl. cocoa powder, and the vanilla and kirsch. And it made plenty to frost the sides and top. :) Then I just saved out a few cherries to decorate the top with. :) The cakes were done baking at exactly 35 minutes. :) And the dental floss worked PERFECTLY!!! This cake was truely OUTSTANDING!!! My hubby said it tasted exactly like the one he had in Germany!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! My neighbors thank you, too! ;) :) Made for Chef-I-Am's Cake-a-thon! :)

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Wildflour November 05, 2007

This was a great recipe! The flavors blend together perfectly. I Served this with a German themed dinner I organized for a culinary arts class, and it was great. We did it in large rectangle sheet pans with only two layers to make it more efficient for our use, and ended up having to use 'cherry pie filling' for the cherries, which was a little runnier but still tasted great. We used all the exact ingredients for the rest, including the kirsch which we just diluted slightly with simple syrup. I will definitely be making this again myself, thanks for the recipe.

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PickleLover December 08, 2009

Finally I have found a good Black Forest cake recipe. My husband was born and raised in Dortmund, Germany and always talks about his favorite cake, Black Forest cake. I did make the changes that Wildflour suggested. The floss worked like a charm. My husband says that what he used to eat in Germany had a hard chocolate shell on the outisde of the cake and the whip topping on top of that. I have nothing to compare it to and thought this was perfect. Thank you so much for sharing. I cannot wait to make it for his family when they visit us from Germany this coming September.

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linnylouise January 27, 2009

I followed the recipe exactly except I had to use butter in place of shortening because I didn't have any. I would at least 1.5 times the recipe for the butter cream filling (not nearly enough for 3 layers) and the cake (with so little batter the layers were soo thin after cutting horizontally) next time. Thanks for the recipe

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gefox3 October 24, 2014

Delicious! My husband requested this for his birthday, and gave it rave reviews! The only change I'll make next time is to use less sugar in the filing. It was a little too sweet for me even with having used canned tart cherries.

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pwdcrazy June 01, 2014

This cake is amazing!! I have a part time cake business, and got a request for a Black Forest Cake. Never having made one, I started my research. This looked like it was pretty authentic - no cool whip or canned pie filling!!! Easy to make - the directions are great! I only made 2 changes - I used regular flour, not cake flour (I don't like the consistency of cakes made with cake flour) and I saved out the whole cherries for the top of the cake, but used my food processor for the cherries in the filling. I found it is easier to slice and serve if you don't have whole cherries falling out mid cut! Great cake!!!!

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Vermont Baker June 24, 2013

Way too sweet for our german taste unfortunately!
Half the coffee filling would have been enough and somehow the cake was very wiggly and difficult to cut!
Sorry, this was not what I had in mind as a black forest cake! ):

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skull-collector January 26, 2013

Very moist and wonderful cake formula! Just fantastic!

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sunkist21 December 02, 2012

Very tasty cake, my friends all really enjoyed it. The only reason I gave 4 stars is that I think there wasn't enough of the filling. I did the 4 layers and had to spread it very thin to have enough for all the layers. If you're doing a regular 2 layer, then that should be enough filling. (Though I really would recommend doing 4 layers... it's not much more difficult and looks very impressive :) ) I also followed Wildflour's suggestions (though doubled the whipped cream b/c I like to have extra); and with my convection oven 30 minutes was a tad long, so watch your cakes carefully, though soaking with kirsch helps with an over-cooked cake! ^.~

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lrn2trvl June 04, 2012

Absolutely loved this cake! Will be making it again!

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Kristen@Whatcha-Eatin May 06, 2012
Black Forest Cake