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Love this! Delicious combination of flavors and spice. This has become a staple recipe in our house. I often use canned beans and add a sweet potato or two which works really well. Also have tried using less oil which works fine too. Can easily be extended to serve a few more by adding a little more yogurt or liquid.

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MargoH October 26, 2010

This recipe completely exceeded my expectations! I made this for new years day, thinking it would be fun to have black eyed peas for the new year. I will be making this again before next year. I used half indian curry & half garam masala. This was a great slow cooked on the oven all day vegetarian dish that makes the house smell wonderful and you can't wait to eat. Next time I might experiment with chickpeas, I think that would be great too.

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toohot4u January 24, 2011

This dish is easy and delicious. I used 2 whole, large jalapenos and wished I had only used one. Really spicy, but good. The yogurt makes it nice and creamy. I will make this again. Thanks for posting.

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zaar junkie June 21, 2009

WOW - I just made my first Indian curry from scratch tonight following this wonderful recipe. 2 thumbs up for simplicity and fab taste. The house has the beautiful aroma's of the curry wafting through and I am excited!! I, too, cut back on the ghee/oil. As I didn't have green chilli's , I used red instead otherwise used all ingredients shown in recipe. The only step I changed was in step 2, before frying the chillis, garlic, onion and ginger I threw these ingredients in a food processor with some oil and blended it too a paste. Then I threw this mixture into pot with a mixture of oil and ghee. Otherwise , I followed the recipe too a tee. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for a wonderful dish. I could easily cook this up on a weekly basis and have it part of our main meals. As its now 11pm while I type this, I have to wait until dinner tomorrow night to enjoy with hubby. (He did comment, just before he went to bed, that whatever I was cooking smelled YUMMO!) This is a keeper in our household....

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LDL September 04, 2007

Made this easy dinner a few nights ago. It is really hearty and healthy to boot. I agree with Olive Owl and Andrew's Mom's reviews that this needed more flavor/spice for us. I, too, used half garam masala and half curry powder. Followed all the directions/ingredients as listed. We served over basmati rice. Thanks!

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Dr. Jenny April 26, 2014

I have been making vegetarian curries a long time and I only have one favorite so far and this by far will be my second favorite! I had to go eat a second bowl after eating the first bowl even though I was full, I just couldn't help it, it tasted so good. I have very few curry recipes that call for actual curry powder (just turmeric) so I was anxious to try this recipe. I used black eyed peas that I had already pre-cooked and had frozen in my freezer so I didn't let it simmer as long. This recipe will be made at least once a week in my house and I will try adding potatoes etc to it from time to time just to change it up a bit. very healthy.

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SpookyCat January 19, 2014

This is so delicious. Spicey and flavorful and easy to make. I made exactly as posted and would not change a thing.

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mandabears July 10, 2013

Very good! I love that it doesn't require pre cooking the beans. I subbed lite coconut milk for the yogurt (vegan) Other wise made as written. Will make again!

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Nikoma June 24, 2013

This was pretty good, but I think it could have used some more flavors/spice. I only strayed from the recipe by using canned green chiles from the mexican section of the store (i'm not sure if this was the right type or not). I wonder if I did something wrong since it got such high reviews from everyone else. I will def try again! PS: my 7 year old actually ate it!

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Andrew'sMom September 25, 2011
Black-Eyed Pea Masala