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my family just loved this side dish. i added some cumin and a bit extra cayenne, used crimini mushrooms. i served this with rice and chicken breasts and they went back for seconds and thirds. this is a keeper for my kids!

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chia September 17, 2003

This would make a hearty and flavoursome side dish to BBQd and grilled meats or a very satisfying main course, which is how we had it, with Crispy Garlic Lemon Potatoes Crispy Garlic Lemon Potatoes. I omitted the cayenne and chillies (personal taste preference), followed chia’s suggestion and added some cumin and, in step 2, so that it would absorb some of the olive oil flavouring, I also added 1 sweet red capsicum, chopped into thin strips. For the stock, I used Chef Kate’s fabulous Roasted Vegetable Stock Roasted Vegetable Stock, which is really worth having on hand in the freezer, as it brings very rich additional flavours to any recipe. This dish was delicious, healthy, quick to make and SO low in fat! And it would be so easy to reheat for work lunches, so I’ll certainly be making this again in winter, Barb. Thank you for sharing it!

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bluemoon downunder December 29, 2005
Black Beans with Peppers and Mushrooms