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I read a previous review and decided to use fat free refried beans instead of mashing the beans myself. Otherwise I followed the recipe closely. I thought I had the consistency problem solved because this made a smooth batter. But they still didn't fry nicely and were mushy. So I took the rest of the mixture, formed it into patties and baked it at about 375 degrees for about 15 minutes. Viola! Very good! I could hear my DS taking a bite and saying "These ARE good." Thanks for the recipe, Krsi.

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windhorse23 August 18, 2008

We loved this black bean burger. Even my 4 yr old daughter ate it and she usually shuns new foods. I mostly followed the recipe, but added a little minced garlic. Next time, I plan to use more salsa. The burgers held together well for me.

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GEracehorses March 12, 2008

YUM-O! These had a great taste. Although they fell apart on me, they still were amazing. I might add an egg to bind them next time. I had several guests ask for the recipe. Served them with recipe 101803 and recipe 156914.

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JiliBean April 21, 2007

The taste and ease to this prepare is great, the texture isn't though. It was very dry and I had a hard time getting it to stay in one piece. Adding a little bit of oil, helped it stay together better. I won't be making this recipe again though... :/

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Joanna E. April 08, 2014

These were my first attempt at veggie burgers. I'm hoping to find a recipe that can replace the expensive store-bought kind. I doubled the salsa, added extra spices, and added 1/2 cup bread crumbs. They held together fine, and the taste was pretty good. I made the mixture into 6 burgers. I love that they are cheap, healthy, and easy. My main complaint is that I would like them better if the texture were a little more "meaty" though... they really don't compare to the store-bought in that respect (unless I did something wrong?). Not sure how to achieve that. I would probably also add some other veggies to it in the future.

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mandabacca September 01, 2010

Followed the recipe as written, except to add some shredded carrot as well. Not very impressed. The texture was decent for me, but the flavor was severely lacking. I guess I should have followed some other reviewer's advice and upped the seasoning. I might also try again but using re-fried beans or mashing mine a bit finer, as my 3 year old was not fond of the taste or the texture.

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elizabeth August 30, 2009

I've never eaten black bean burgers before and these were a great first try! I use an Uncle Ben's brown rice and vegetable medley pouch for the rice, and I added extra cumin and chili powder. The rice and beans and everything held together ok, but I added the egg anyway. It made it way too soft, so I added more rice and some breadcrumbs. I cooked these on my George Foreman grill and they came out nice. I was trying these out on my husband as part of a meatless meal but he thought they didn't have enough flavor for his taste, but he says that about nearly everything, lol!

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Zanni April 22, 2009

I might not have the expertise needed for this. I was very excited about the recipe - but it ended up as a "Black Bean Sloppy Joe", and not really a very tasty one. I did add Guacamole, which was good! But it was kind of like a sloppy burrito on a hamburger bun. I wish I knew how to make it stick - obviously other people were able to do this, I just couldn't make it happen!

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The T-MAC July 19, 2008

This started out as a disaster. I followed the recipe exactly. Used whole wheat rice and green onion. I started this in a pan making 2 burgers 1/2 cup each. They just didn't bind together enough for me to flip them and eventually I ended up mixing it all up and making a burrito out of it for my 6 year old. She was happy, with cheese, extra salsa and sour cream. Next I tried 1 burger using 1/4 cup of the mixture. I cooked the bottom and then put it under the broiler to stiffen up the top. It sort of worked. It fell apart a little but in manageable pieces. The taste was ok. I ate it on whole wheat toasted bread. It was much better after adding a piece of cheese. I have the left over mixture sitting in the fridge. Maybe it will be better after sitting over night. It seems like it needs more of a binder. The rice isn't enough. All in all 3 stars is generous. Sorry, I really wanted this to be good too, especially after all the good reviews.

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Ilysse June 05, 2008

Cheap + Healthy + Tasty = Inspiring! We used jasmine rice, which added a deep, almost nutty flavor to the patties, and threw in some fresh chopped tomatoes and cucumber to boost the veggie count. We also spiced it up using extra garlic, Thai chili sauce (Sambal Oelek, ground chili with garlic - available at Asian markets or in the Asian food sections), a few dashes of cumin (powder), and homemade salsa (tomatoes, garlic, fresh jalepenos, salt, and lime juice). We also used the liquid in which the beans were packed, adding approximately 1/2 - 3/4 cup of homemade bread crumbs to soak up excess moisture. Our yield was easily up to 12 hamburger-sized patties. Depending on the amount of rice/bread crumbs used, you may want to use more eggs and/or oil to bind. We drizzled a little lime over our patties and ate them over a bed of jasmine rice.

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cynthesized May 05, 2008
Black Bean & Rice Veggie Burgers