Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 6 mins

Amazing black bean burgers. I like a little american cheese melted on them.

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  1. Rinse black beans and mash.
  2. Add onion, corn, salsa, garlic, parsley or cilantro, salt and pepper & mix well.
  3. Add bread crumbs and egg whites, mix well.
  4. Form into 4 patties.
  5. Cook over medium heat in a little olive oil for 6-8 minutes.
Most Helpful

I really like the flavor of these, but after following the directions exactly they were too moist to make into a patty that would stay together. I then added 1/4 cup corn meal and another 1/4 cup cup of bread crumbs. They were still very moist, but cooked up very nicely. The recipe was very easy and was made with ingrediants I typically have on hand so I will definately be making these again!

landlocked #2 November 20, 2006