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I agree with Steve Grinavic: EXCEPTIONAL!! I made these tonight and even my picky BF loved them. I toasted some whole-wheat pitas and spread FF mayo and some avocado on them. I took Steve's healthy advice and usd ground whole oats (1 cup) instead of the bread crumbs. I also added two extra cloves of garlic, and I used dried basil since I didn't have any fresh around. They were really, really awesome. Thanks so much for posting this, I will make them all the time!!!!

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spatchcock June 12, 2002

Exeptional. I used 2x fresh basil and oregano and doubled the garlic. I did substitute ground oats for the bread crumbs to make it even more healthy! Coarsly cut the onion then threw everything in a deep sided bowl and used an immersion blender to finish chopping/mixing. I think it took longer to open the cans than anything else. Thanks Mini!

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Steve_G May 31, 2002

I hate to say this, b/c of all the great reviews, but my husband and I didn't care too much for these burgers. I thought they tasted alright. I think that for me though they needed more of a spicy flavor. I may use this basic recipe agian but instead make the burgers spicy. My husband just plain out didn't like the burgers. But then again, he is quite the meat eater! I also didn't care for the cinnamin flavor. It didn't go well w/ the ketchup and mustard that I put on my burger. Maybe it's just my tastes, so please don't take this to offense or let my review hinder you from making this!

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buttercup0009 November 05, 2002

These taste amazing! A couple of modifications: I ground up oatmeal and used that in place of bread crumbs, and I added some dried cilantro. I also cooked mine in a frying pan because I don't have a grill. The only thing is how easily they fall apart; you really have to take care to form them tightly when you're shaping the patties. This was my first attempt at black bean burgers of any kind, and I'm glad that they were such a success.

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amy.hough September 08, 2010

this is a delicious and easy recipe! we halved it and added diced green pepper and chili powder and were very liberal with the spices. was very pleased with consistancy of patties - pan fried in olive oil for a couple minutes on each side then baked for an additional 10 mins. next time we will add even more spices, and believe me, we will definitely be making this again! served with barbeque sauce on top - yummmy!

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Ripskintinkle January 27, 2010

These are a great base "burger". I halved the recipe because I wasn't sure how the DH would react to anything other than manly beef, but I'm wishing I hadn't. The first two burgers I made as written, the second two I made with a bit of chili powder, paprika, and celery salt sprinkled on. Next time I think I'll try chipotle, and possibly even cayenne. Served on 40 Minute Hamburger Buns. Thanks so much Mini R, will definitely make again!

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Three Kids Make Me Crazy December 03, 2009

So good. This was my first attempt at making black bean burgers and I will definitely revisit this recipe again! I used about 1 1/4 cups of panko flakes and added a packet of taco seasoning instead of the individual spices. Pan fried with olive oil spray and they came out great!

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djbarnez September 26, 2009

First time with a meatless burger... AWESOME! I used corn flake crumbs instead of bread crumbs because I'm gluten free, and used grill seasoning instead of the other spices. Will definitely make again and again!

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lisa.conklin June 14, 2007

Not bad but not what I was expecting. I used a tsp. of chili powder in place of the cumin (don't like the flavor of cumin) other wise followed recipe exactly. I will make these again but will experiment with spices. thanks for posting.

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beancooker January 23, 2006

We really loved this recipe. I read one review that said it has a cinnamon flavor, which it does not. Not sure how they came up with that. <br/><br/>I used Bush's brand black beans. I put my beans in the food processor. Also, chopped my onion in the food processor. I had to use 1 tsp of dried basil place of fresh. I was out of oregano, so I replaced it with Italian seasoning. I did use bread crumbs, but after eating them thought about using oats next time mostly because that is what we use in regular hamburgers. I cooked them indoors on a cast iron skillet with grill grates. I coated my pans lightly with olive oil. They smelled so wonderfully. The smell actually reminded me of food you would smell at the fair. <br/><br/>These were very good. My brother said they were much better than the vegetarian burger he had at a nice restaurant on the coast. The next day we reheated them in the microwave covered with a wet napkin. They reheated very well this way.

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broadwaydelicakes October 09, 2013
Black Bean Burgers