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These are good. The consistency is just right, and they don't fall apart once they're cooked. I cooked mine on a griddle. I would recommend using a coarse chop for the onion rather than simply quartering--my food processor didn't handle it well and I had to fish out huge chunks of onion when I was making the patties. The second time I made these, I played with the recipe a little--I first pureed several baby carrots, a stalk of celery, and some roasted peppers, then added the other ingredients. My family liked this version better, as there was more flavor than just bean. We'll add this to our rotation! Serving note: We like these best with guacamole!

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Jujubegirl February 08, 2011

I was skeptical at first, but out of my love for black beans, I tried this. I used everything in the recipe, but cut back on the amounts of spices because it seemed like too much salt for our tastes and too much of everything for my 2 year olds palate. They were amazing. I gave the recipe only 4 stars because I think that with the full amount of spices it would be too much, especially the salt. I used 1/2 T and it was still a bit salty in my opinion. Everyone ate them just fine and I am happy to find another way to use my favorite bean!

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Vyxie's Kitchen November 18, 2010

Excellent and easy...used just about a teaspoon or so of the bean stock from the can...also adjusted and played with spices to shake it up a bit. Also, using 1/4 cup oats and 1/4 cup flax meal is great, too! THANKS FOR SHARING!

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sskeeto620 January 17, 2011
Black Bean Burger