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I was skeptical, but these were very good! I will definitely make them again. I drained and rinsed the beans really really well, then threw everything in the food processor and let it whirl a while. It worked out great. Thank you!

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ChocolateMousse March 09, 2012

WOW! These brownies were DELICIOUS! Forget protein and fiber bars, these are way yummy and full of good stuff for you! I absoloutly could NOT taste the beans. Just make sure you really blend the beans well until they are totally smooth. I blended them first for a long time becuause I was worried I would taste them, and then I added the other ingredients. My picky kids were shocked when mom said they could have one for breakfast. They said they were sooo good! Thanks for posting this one EJC12! Its a keeper.

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jgarcia528 January 25, 2012

These came out so good. I also was a little skeptical. I've looked at a few different recipes and some say they can taste the beans. I used my Vitamix and pureed the beans with the liquid ingredients first to make sure they were pulverized. I used eggbeaters and subbed applesauce for the oil, and dark chocolate chips. They came out very rich. I thought it seemed like a lot of sugar and considered reducing it but I'm glad I didn't. They are not sweet at all but if I cut back the sugar, I think I might taste the beans. Next time I will try cacao powder and nibs. I cut them into 16 servings and with the applesauce, it really cut back on the fat and calories. I will be making these often. Thanks for the recipe!

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Chele519 April 22, 2012

EASY!!!! These were yummy. I made these for a lunch I catered that had to be gluten free. I only changed one thing. After the dough was mixed in the blender, I added the chocolate chips and ground them up a bit as well. These took longer than 30 minutes to cook, but they did not burn. I frosted these using 1/2 cup semisweet chocolate chips and 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream, warm chocolate and cream over low heat until well blended. Let cool before frosting browning. When it has set up you can cut the brownies. ALSO, I cut these into 16 squares as they are rich!! My daughter and I ate them warm, we are letting some cool to taste later.. Thank you!
UPDATE: Drain and rinse your beans!!!! This cuts down the beany flavor.

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razzintaz February 06, 2012

Love it! Made as directed, but used 1/2 c. egg beaters and walnut oil, and only put Nestle milk chocolate chips on top after baking, put back in "turned off oven" to melt and then spread! We will make again and again! Thank you!

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Jacquelyn H. September 15, 2011

These are my favorite "go to" brownies. I use coconut oil and add 1 Tbs espresso powder (subtract 1 Tbs. cocoa) and use dark chocolate chocolate chips for the top. Gets perfectly mixed in my food processor. Moist and soooooo chocolatey. Addicting.

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aknight53 February 05, 2014

I followed the recipe exactly (rinsed and drained the beans even thought it doesn't say to). They were extremely dry and crumbly. I am an experienced baker and I double checked everything so I'm not sure what happened. Maybe I will try again without draining and see if that helps and not mixing them in the blender. The finished product looks tough, like when you over-mix a cake. Definately don't try them when they're still warm or they do taste "beany".

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ccolley3 April 12, 2012

These were a great treat. I am just starting to do a gluten free diet for my son but he doesnt like a good variety of food. I made this and told him that they were brownies but didnt tell him what was in them. He polished off his brownie then asked for another. This is an A recipe!

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tomswife05 October 28, 2011

Really moist and chocolatey brownies. My family loved the chocolate "frosting". I had very large artisan chocolate chips and they didn't melt on top, so I ended up putting more chips in a glass bowl & microwaving them until melted & spreading them on top of the brownies. No one can tell these have beans in them, as they don't taste like black beans. The chocolate takes care of that! :) Thanks for sharing, ejc12!

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**Tinkerbell** January 18, 2011

I rinsed and drained the beans, then blended them alone in the food processor. Once they were mush, I added all the other ingredients and mixed them at that time. I also substituted real honey for the sugar to make it cleaner (just not quite 3/4 cup), and only used a tiny bit of healthy chips on top for extra kick. I really thought they were excellent, but my husband thought the texture wasn't great (since they weren't like the sugary brownies). To me, considering it's a fairly clean recipe when honey is substituted, it was great to me! Very rich on the palate.

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NoVaCleanEating December 27, 2013
Black Bean Brownies (Gluten Free)