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I will cook this dish again, but will cut back on the bell peppers, (1/2 of each), and only 1 teaspoon of the celery seed. There were more bell peppers than the rice and black beans and took over everything in flavor. I did like the different colors in the dish, very Fall looking.

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GrandmaG October 05, 2004

My husband and I are trying to eat mostly vegetarian now (after seeing Food Inc.) and this was a lovely vegetarian dish! I had leftover barley to use up this time so I subbed it for the rice, but I know we will enjoy this with brown rice as well. With the grains already cooked, putting this dish together was a snap! Thank you so much for posting.

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Motivated Mama April 11, 2010

Ok, I tried this b/c I had the ingredients and wanted something with black beans and brown rice. I did not have a yellow pepper, so I left it out, also left out the parsley, celery seed and cumin. And there is no cheese listed in the ingredient list so SUPRISE at the end when you are supposed to top "with all the cheeses". I added shredded swiss, cheddar and grated parmesan. Well - it was a hit, my husband LOVED it, and I really liked it much more than I expected to. Thanks for sharing!

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pixiesmom June 07, 2004
Black Bean and Brown Rice Casserole