Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 30 mins

I love black grapes. There weren't available until Super Wal-mart moved in. Rural areas just don't get "fancy" ingredients like a black grape. We're kinda stuck with seeded grapes with very little variety. Anyway, in a search for recipes to use these beautiful little gems, I found this one, but there is one similar using green grapes here at Zaar. I find this one especially good. I make it a habit of tasting a grape from the bunch before I buy to make sure they're sweet.


  1. In a large bowl, combine the sour cream, mayo, cinnamon. Add 2 tablespoons of each sugar to the mix. If the grapes are not as sweet as you desire, add the remaining sugar. If the grapes are sweet, you can leave it out.
  2. Cut the grapes in half and add to the dressing, stirring GENTLY to coat the grapes.
  3. Refrigerate covered until chilled. Serve in parfait cups and garnish with mint for a beautiful fancy dessert.
Most Helpful

Yummy. I actually served this in a martini glass over a few leafs of bibb lettuce for a light salad. This was for a Black and White party and it was not only pretty but great flavor. We had a lot of veggies and seafood, so the slightly sweet salad was just a nice simple starter. I know it is more of a dessert, but it made just a nice start to the dinner course after all the appetizers. Everyone loved it including me. I found some gorgeous black seedless grapes at the market. Perfect. I will be serving this again.

SarasotaCook March 02, 2010

Wonderful! The dressing didn't overpower the taste of the grapes. I did use vegan versions of everything. I'll be serving this for Thanksgiving. I'm also planning on using the dressing on other fruit - really love it!

hunnybees November 26, 2008