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this recipe is great i my whole family really liked it. i did make some changes though, for instance i used an 8 inch springform because i didn't have a 7 inch which worked out in my favor the first time i made it because some of the cheesecake still rose over the top while cooking and fell into the water in the pressure cooker. indeed this attempt did look more "rustic" but the next time i made it a put an aluminum foil collar around the springform to try and keep everything in this time around and then i put the long strip of aluminum foil around it so i could lift it out easily. the aluminum foil collar did more for the cheesecake than just hold things in it first made the appearance of the cheesecake more uniform and secondly the texture of the cake was SOOOO much more creamy! i will be using this technique from now on. i have wide aluminum foil so what i did was cut a length that was long enough to go around the pan and then folded the ends together a few times so it would stay in place. the collar was quite tall so i had to fold it over just a bit in order to put the lid on and lock it. my other change to the recipe is that i used white chocolate instead which worked fine, in my second attempt i used 5 oz instead of 3 and it was great. i would have given it 5 stars if it had been set up for an 8 in springform because i can't imagine everything staying in a 7in. try the recipe though it is very good.

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bwitten October 23, 2011
Black and White Cheesecake (Pressure Cooker)