Bitter Melon & Sweet Corn Spring Rolls

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READY IN: 30mins
Recipe by Jaya-Jaya

I have always liked bitter melon, but my hubby wanted to tone it down a bit.... this is what I came up with! Most people will eat this, even if they don't generally like the melons. I use the ones with soft, green, warty skin. I have been told that there are other types. I buy them when they are about the size of a Mount Franklin 600ml bottle of water. Make sure you scrape out most of the seed bed... it carries a fair amount of the bitterness. The amount this makes varies depending on how big you roll them. It will feed two or more depending on how well liked they are,or if they are being used as an appetizer or entree - or one person very greedy for bitter melon like me! LOL. You will need a round glass or metal dish that will be at least the circumference of the spring roll sheets. You will need a lightly oiled plate or glass board to roll them on and another oiled plate or dish for the finished rolls. It all sounds very complicated, but honestly, it's quick and easy... after the first time, you will be wrapping like greased lightning!

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  1. Place your large glass dish on a heat-proof mat on your bench/island/table near your freshly boiled kettle of the water. Place your oiled plate next to that, and your final dish next to that.
  2. Cut the ends from your bitter melon, top and tail it, cut it in half across the middle. Then cut each half lengthways, and scrape out the seed-bed very firmly. Your melon should be very easy to cut yet quite firm.Slice the shell VERY thinly into what I call smiles ).
  3. Slice your onion in any way you prefer for frying, again, I use VERY thin smiles. Chop thinly for reduced cooking time. Put aside with the melon slices. Have your corn ready, but separate.
  4. Heat your olive oil and sesame oil in a 30cm frypan on medium heat. Toss in the bitter melon and onion and fry until melon begins to go soft and onion is browning -- not too hot, though! Toss in a dash or two of soy sauce to taste .When melon softens, add the corn, and cook until heated through and corn begins to colour. Watch out, and be careful because the corn tries to jump from the pan! Keep stirring it!
  5. When it's done just switch the pan off, and let it sit whilst you take the next steps. Boil your water again and fill your round dish with boiling water. Take one spring roll sheet and dunk it in the water according to the instructions on the packet. Only 1 at a time! when it has softened, take it out using tongs -- use two tongs and grasp it at 8 & 4 o'clock and pull it out towards you, also pulling it up so it hangs down over the dish -- lay it down on your oiled plate and smooth out the edges with your fingers. Take a tablespoonful ( more or less ) of your bitter melon mix and pop it on your spring roll wrapper and wrap according to the instructions on the packet. Place seam side down on your final dish. Continue until mix is used up. If your water cools too much, tip in some more from the kettle.
  6. If you want to fry them afterward, follow the directions on the wrapper packet as to refrigeration time and frying method. I serve them just like this because we can't wait that long to eat them! Use soy sauce as a dipping sauce. this mix may also be used to stuff other vegetable, or for dim sims and wontons. I have been known to make sandwiches with it when I have been too lazy to do the wrappers. It is also nice with soba noodles fried and tossed through.

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