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This whacky combination of ingredients was just what I was looking for, for Valentine's Day 2007. I did make a few alterations - First, I reduced the red wine for two or three hours, to get the richest flavour from it, and I didn't use any garlic in the sauce. Also, I sauteed the spinach in ginger, rather than garlic, and rather than rubbing the lamb with salt and pepper, I fried it in the juices that were left over from the spinach. Overall, it was a very nice, well balanced dish. The sauce was very dry, and, while it provided a nice contrast to the moistness of the lamb, it was still a little too dry for my palette. I think if I make this again, I might add a little cream to the sauce, to make it a bit smoother. Finally, to anyone looking for a good wine to serve with this dish, I highly recommend D'Arenberg Grenache Shiraz. It has a nice deep fruity flavour, with subtle hints of spices like cloves and cinnamon, which compliment the red wine chocolate sauce very nicely.

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RalMiska February 18, 2007
Bitter Chocolate Lamb Cutlets With Sauteed Spinach