Bite Sized Banana Crepes

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Recipe by Skitzmix-julz

these a fantastic for on the go and kids love them!!!! the crepes can be premade for any time too

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  1. sift all (except powdered sugar) dry ingredients make a well.
  2. whip egg whites until light and fluff.
  3. put into the fridge for 30 minutes.
  4. fold into dry ingredients.
  5. add vanilla extract using a very hot oiled pan spread out a thin layer on the bottom fry until it is golden brown and then turn over to do the other side. allow to cool
  6. cut banana's in half and whip the creme and powdered sugar together until peaked.
  7. lay crepe down put creme into the middle spreading down and banana into the middle as well and fold like a burrito.
  8. these are fantastic for kids they are eating fruit as well as a treat to tide them over when your our.
  9. they refrigerate well all day.
  10. try with mango mashed into the creme that is lovely too.

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