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What a brilliant idea! We absolutely loved this simple dip, and serving it in shot glasses makes for a fun presentation. As I started writing this review, I realized it will appear I can't even follow a recipe as simple as this one, as I did make a few changes. :) Rather than the commercially-prepared sauce and dressing recommended, I used Best Buffalo Wing Sauce!! and Blue Cheese Dressing. I was afraid the sauce was thinner and the dressing thicker than the ones recommended so, as you will notice in the photo, I put the dressing on the bottom and the sauce on the top. (Since I don't usually take photos of recipes if I have obviously altered the recipe or presentation, I asked Chef Shadows prior to submitting the photo and he graciously gave his permission. :)) We got a bit piggish while eating our dip and switched from the pretzel sticks to pretzel crisps, which held a lot more dip. :) Although I am definitely partial to pretzels, I think celery sticks would be a nice dipping option for those so inclined, since they are often served with Buffalo wings. I think Buffalo Wild Wings should certainly take your suggestion of adding your recipe to their menu. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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GaylaJ February 24, 2007

Excellent. I made is upside down too, but I had Frank's hot sauce instead of BWW, which is a tad thicker. The Kraft blue cheese is a little blah after tasting it, so I added a squirt of ranch and a dash of black pepper. I am going to go cut up some celery for it now too. I think this works for my dipping sauce for regular chicken tenders, w/o the mess of wings. Thanks Shadow.

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LilPinkieJ September 07, 2007

After seeing Gayla J's photo on this recipe I knew I had to try it. This simple recipe was a definite hit and I loved the presentation. It goes together in minutes from prepared items and tastes terrific if you like spicy foods. I served with the pretzel sticks and also added some thin cut vegetable sticks: celery, carrots, and zucchini. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe!

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Susie D March 02, 2007

The taste of the buffalo wing sauce was just too strong in this dip. Maybe it was the brand of sauce I used. Like one of the other reviewers, I put the blue cheese dressing on the bottom and the buffalo wing sauce on the top because of the density difference in the two condiments. We ended up spooning off most of the wing sauce and then stirring the rest into the blue cheese dressing. We liked it a lot better that way. I served this with pretzel sticks and celery sticks.

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Ginny Sue July 14, 2007
Bite Me Pretzel Dip