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This was a good and easy dish to do. I was not too sure what biscuits you used. I used a bought Pilsbury type. I found it would have over cooked on top and under cooked on the bottom if I had not flipped them over half way through cooking. Also added some leftover cranberry sauce. Glad you shared the recipe.

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Tebo November 06, 2001

Very good with hot sauce on the side! I heated the soup/chix mixture very hot, poured into warm casserole dish before topping with biscuits. This way the biscuits will begin cooking from both sides. Same trick can be used when baking a quiche....warm the custard first, carefully, then pour over cheese. Will cook evenly and not just from the outside in.

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chef blade January 18, 2002

I absolutely loved this recipe. I added some corn and fresh carrots which gave it a nice crunch. While the chicken was cooking, I sprinkled alittle celery seed on it and the flavour was fabulous. I did what the recipe said to increase sour cream and milk and it turned out perfect. I combined everythng and cooked it for 15mins. at the same time I wanted to make sure the biscuits were cooked on the bottom so I cooked them for 5 mins. when halfway through being cooked I took everything out of the stove and arranged the biscuits on top of chicken mix and continued to cook for the rest of the cooking time for the biscuits which came out a beautiful golden brown color. There was nothing left over my husband just kept going for plate after plate. This was simple and defintely a keeper!! Thanx a bunch.

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linlatham July 29, 2003

Many thanks to Chef Tebo for the reminder on the biscuits. It depends on the brand and type of biscuits used, but I had forgotten that with some brands, you will need to flip them. I have had the correction made to the steps. Thanks again :)

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Nicole Brummett November 12, 2001
Biscuit on Creamy Chicken