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I've seen reviews of other biscotti receipes from lots of purists who are pointing out that biscotti is an oil-free enterprise. I don't know much about that, but I will say that this no-oil, no-butter recipe was fabulous to work with! The light crispiness is just great! Beating the eggs seems really key to an airy versus dense cookie. Didn't have much breakage when I cut them for the 2nd bake. I also opted to toast both sides (5 minutes each). I'm all about the crumbly, tooth-breaking, butter-filled [gasp!] triple chocolate hazelnut biscotti mom makes, too, but this did perform significantly different in a delightful way! Looking forward to playing with it to make other flavors, and I adulterated this with a Tbsp anise seed and the grated peel of a lemon. Thanks!

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KWB March 10, 2010

This recipe came out crisp and the perfect texture----nothing better dipped in a cup of coffee! I used 1 Tbsp of crushed anise seed instead of the anise extract, and it was lovely.

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dstomko September 02, 2009
Biscotti All'anice