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I am an experienced baker ,especially with refrigerator doughs and this is the first recipe that I have had to throw away. The flavor was fine but the result after baking was a mess of crumbs that could not retain any shape.

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andreafortunoff January 01, 2013

My biscuits also fell apart - my dog had a feast! Because I'm not an experienced baker I follow the recipes to the letter then change it as I need to. Comparing this recipe to my super successful Scottish Shortbread recipe, the flour and butter ratio seems to be wrong. I loved the taste but will change the ratios to a shortbread ratio and try again.

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Salumeria December 23, 2013

Very easy to prepare. I think I slightly over-processed my mixture (forgot about it) and ended up with a smoother mixture than desired. Nonetheless, after refrigeration it was easy to handle. Rather than rolling it out, I formed it into logs and sliced off pieces of dough, this worked well for me. the dough did tend to soften, and then I would pop it back it in the fridge as directed. I got a very rich savoury biscuit, I loved them, although they were a little rich for my daughters. You couldn't a lot at one go! I used fresh rosemary from my garden and finely grated parmesan. These baked nicely, around 10 minutes is good. Very nice recipe, thank you seahorse!

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Karen Elizabeth November 05, 2009
Biscotti alla Parmigiana