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This was delicious!! The vinegar balanced out the sweetness of the cherries perfectly and the graham cracker crust turned out to be more tasty then I thought possible. The only thing I found to be a little off was the amount of raviolis, I used 12 oz and still had enough of everything to make more, not that I'm complaining;) Great recipe!!

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Chef Jean August 22, 2008

This is a winner. It was wonderful. I thought that 5 oz for 2 servings would be a bit skimpy but it was just right. Clear instructions, easy to follow. Coating the ravioli and browning them gives a nice texture and a flavor boost. Creative use of the contest ingredients - I wish you luck in the contest and hope that others will try tis delish recipe Thanks to whoever created this recipe for a lovely dinner served with Italian meatballs, broccoli & cauliflower.

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Bergy August 22, 2008

I really like the idea of the cherry-cherry sauce. Just my personal taste, I'm not so fond of toasted ravioli, but this sauce seems to work as well with just boiled ravioli. The recipe is also easily scalable for 1-4 servings. I did struggle with the details of the sauce. It might be that more instructions could clarify what was intended, or perhaps there is a better way to achieve the desired sauce. I used half oregano, half basil for italian seasoning, which isn't the right blend (too much oregano, too much support for the tomatoes and not for the cherries). The use of the gelatin was very unclear to me - it can only partically hydrate in the oil/vinegar liquid, and any structure that develops is dissolved by the heat. If the goal is to have some liquid sauce, along with the cherry/cherry chunks, perhaps a puree would work better. To my taste, the added sweetener wasn't necessary.

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realbirdlady August 22, 2008
Bisceglie Ravioli With Cherry-Cherry Marinara