Bink's Traditional Aussie Chrissy Pud!

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Recipe by bink not telling

This pudding is from a very old Australian cookery book my Grandmother owned. It is over 100 years old and is actually very delish. It is moist, rich, and a decadent indulgence you only engage in once a year on Christmas day. An Australian tradition of the yummiest sort!

Top Review by Jacobella

Wow..a really authenic and old fashioned pudding! I love to cook...and spend hours trying new things, but sometimes the oldest and most traditional things are the best to come back to! I will be making this in July..the Australian winter time, as I think the flavours of this rich pudding will be savoured even more in the cold season! thankyou!

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  1. Chop fruit, pour over booze, add grated lemon rind and juice, cover and soak for preferably a couple of weeks (or overnight if you are impatient and can settle for a less full bodied pudding).
  2. Cream butter, gradually add beaten eggs and brown sugar; beat well.
  3. Add remaining ingredients; stir vigorously. (I cheated and used a mixmaster and hand beater)
  4. To steam: (I found steaming causes the pudding to be moister and much more scrummy)
  5. Pack into greased 4 1/2 pint pudding basin; cover with greased aluminium foil.
  6. Secure with string and steam for four hours.
  7. For a large family pudding, double the quantities above and steam for six hours.
  8. Steam further two hours on day of serving.
  9. To boil (The more traditional mode of preparing pudding which does give you that 'pudding skin' on the outside) Place pudding mixture in floured pudding cloth (you can use calico), tie securely with string allowing room for pudding to expand during cooking, boil four hours.
  10. Reboil for two hours on day of serving.
  11. Note: Breadcrumbs give sufficient substance to this rich pudding- and BOY is it rich!
  12. -flour is not used.
  13. Serve with lots of double cream, brandy custard and if you wish to lapse into a sugar coma that will last into the new year, a big dollop of vanilla ice cream!

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