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Almost perfect! Authentic bika ambon is so incredible that I've been dying to find out how to make it for years. A lot of the recipes that I've seen online call for kaffir lime leaf, which isn't a flavor that I've noticed in the bika ambon I've had; but the flavor of this recipe is just about perfect. (The only addition I made was to put some pandan leaf in with the coconut milk while it was boiling.) There's still a sort of floweriness to bika ambon that this recipe didn't quite capture; I'm wondering if a teaspoonful of rose water might do the trick? But it was a minor detail; I'd say the flavor was still about 95% what I was looking for.

The big problem that I had with this recipe was the texture. After it was baked, the yeast had only honeycombed a tiny part of the cake, and it should be nothing but big chewy honeycomb. Mine was mostly solid through, with just a hint of honeycombing. I've read elsewhere that it helps to preheat the baking pan and leave the oven cracked, so I'll experiment with that and update!

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CarsonM September 12, 2010
Bika Ambon