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You can simplify the recipe by omitting the marjoram, thyme, basil, and lavender and substitute one teaspoon of herbs de provence and a teaspoon and a half of Mrs Dash (original) for the rest of the spices. I actually used a tsp of poultry spice as it has allspice in it and everybody wonders what the falvor comes from. Great flavor profile to build upon. I'm making beggars purses to put them in using phyllo dough and muffin cups. They would be great en croute as well. Thanks for the recipe!

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Conchchowder October 12, 2008

I hesitated for a week before posting this review, because I did not use the small mushrooms like John did. I wanted to make this a starter to a simple meal, and used 6 large open brown mushrooms. I put about 5 snails in each mushroom cap, (after preparing them exactly as he did with his small mushrooms). I mixed all the spices, chopped the stems, etc. The only ingredient I did not have was lavender, so left that out. It seemed fine, until we tasted it. And this is my problem with the recipe: there are so many herbs that it kills the snail and mushroom flavour. It seems to me, as neither snails nor mushrooms have prominent flavours, they cannot take these many herb flavours without suffering. The IDEA is great. Next time I might stay with the method, but use only the usual butter-garlic-parsley combination. But still, thank you, Big John, for a novel idea on how to present snails.

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Zurie February 03, 2007

I took a chance and made this for a dinner party. Everyone raved over them. The escargot came out perfect, meaty not chewy and the flavours complimented each other to perfection. My b/f ate 16 of them! This is the first time I've made these and they weren't overcooked or bland tasting. Thanks for a great recipe. I have my dinner guests begging for it now.

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CgyVegan November 29, 2006

These escargot were scrumptious -- very flavourful, and quick to make too. I cut the butter down to 6 tbsp, and used 1/2 cup parmesan. I sautéed the mushrooms for just 5 min., and reserved some of the mushroom juices to pour over the escargot. I also omitted the lavender and added 2 tbsp of chopped fresh parsley with the parmesan. We’ll definitely be having this recipe again. Thanks for a great treat!

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Wisent January 12, 2006
Big John's Baked Escargot